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Rent Ready Contractors is a Turn-Key provider of construction services for your investment property.

Acting as a single source, Rent Ready Contractors integrates our experience as Investors and Contractors, to provide you with a constructive plan to minimize your out-of-pocket expense in rehabbing a property in order to maximize the return on your investment

One of the greatest challenges investors face today is managing their resources from multiple vendors. To help reduce timely and costly vendor management, Rent Ready Contractors offer the simplicity and convenience of working with one company for all your rehab and repair needs.

Our goal is to deliver high quality Rent Ready solutions that enable you to gain the greatest return on your real estate investment.

Rent Ready Contractors is committed to exceed customer expectations by providing comprehensive contractor services for your investment property with an emphasis on saving you money by only performing work that is needed to bring your property back on the market in a timely manner. We cherish the relationships with our clients and support them even beyond completion of the projects.

Many times we are able to save our investors thousands of dollars through our cost saving measures that often times will eliminate performing needless work that non-experienced investors will ‘waste’ money on. We understand what level of improvement is necessary to make your property “clean and functional” and ready to rent or ready to Flip for Houston’s real estate market.