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About Us

Our Company

To say Rent Ready Contractors is simply a turn-key General Contracting company that specializes in rehabbing homes for investors to either Rent or Flip…Well, that’s the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story…

You see, our company was created with the belief that real estate investor’s deserve a Reliable, Ethical & Honest General Contracting Company to handle EVERY aspect of their rehabs, from A-Z, with a company they enjoy doing business with. And of course, at a resonable cost.

In a short time we have become the #1 Investment Property Contractor in the greater Houston area because of our commitment and dedication to see our clients succeed with their Real Estate Investments. This is an honor we do not take lightly.

Expect The BEST

Rent Ready Contractors has rehabbed hundreds of investment properties in the Houston Market and works with investors to help them achieve above phenomenal returns with their Real Estate Investments.

Yes, we’re a local company (not a franchise) that has been receiving alot of recognition and we couldn’t be happier about it. => http://rentreadytv.com/investing-interview/

But, We are NOT just “Contractors

We are an investor owned Company that has developed a reputation for relentlessly keeping up with market trends in order to guide our investor clients in making the best decisions in renovating their investment properties to make sure they rent or sell as quickly as possible. We want our customers to succeed with their real estate investments while enjoying the rehab process.

Our company was even being considered to star in one of those “Flipping Houses” shows if you can believe that! You can check out the pilot here if you’re curious => http://rentreadytv.com/a-day-in-the-life/

Get to know us and you’ll see why we are so much more than just “Contractors“….