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The Company

Rent Ready Contractors is a turnkey general contracting company that specializes in Investment Property Rehabs by offering the simplicity and convenience of working with one company for all your rehab and repair needs.


Because Rent Ready Contractors is owned by a Real Estate Investor who owns dozens of rental properties and Flips homes on a regular basis & by a Remodeling Expert with 10+ years in Construction , we have formed a team that understands your investment property is a business that requires budget control to keep it as an income producing asset and that fast turnaround is critical to your investing success.


We understand what level of improvement is necessary to make your property Ready to Rent or Flip for Houston’s Real Estate Market. Furthermore, we have Eliminated The Guess work by only using market tested & approved colors, carpet, fixtures, counter tops, etc. for our projects AND because we buy these items in bulk, we are able to keep costs down and provide Outstanding Results!


As a matter of fact, we typically can bid lower than standard estimating software to calculate repair costs and we are consistently able to provide lower pricing than many of our competitors while providing equal or better quality because of the systems we have in place for specializing in investment properties.


Most importantly, we focus on what it takes to bring your investment property to ready ‘For Rent’ or ‘Flip’ status and many times we are able to save our customers thousands of dollars through cost saving measures that will eliminate performing needless work that many ‘non-experienced’ investors will ‘waste’ money on!


Whether you are a local or out of state investor, you can trust that we will handle the entire job from beginning to end with the utmost quality and speed.


We have taken great pride in rehabbing hundreds of homes in the Houston Area and we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve real estate investing success!