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Wanna flip a house? AND be on TV?

Wanted to share some exciting news
and possibly toss out an ‘invite’
for a few of you to join us for the

We are going to possibly starring in
an upcoming reality TV show all about
flipping houses. They’re some people
flying in from L.A. in a few
weeks to film a ‘Sizzle’.

What is a ‘sizzle’ you ask? Good question,
that is exactly what I said (lol)…
Basically, a sizzle is Hollywood jargon
for a short preview of what a show would
look/feel like so producers can pitch it
to the executives to sign on for their show.

I can’t say alot more than this right
now, but we’ve got an exciting twist to
the same-old/same-old flipping house shows,
AND better yet, there’s where a way you may
fit into the picture:

We are looking for newbie investors
just getting started in the real
estate investing business.


*Also, we’ll of course be looking
for some more deals along the way,
so for any wholesalers out there that
would like to get some free publicity,
send us some deals that we can use.

Anyways, just wanted to share this
with you and let you know we’ll keep
you posted as things move along.

All the best,
*Once again, if you’re a newbie investor
looking for your first deal, then please
contact our office or reply to this email
to put your name on the list.

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